Maximize Your iGaming Reach with the Agent Cube:
Bridging Online and Offline Worlds Seamlessly

In the ever-evolving landscape of iGaming, broadening your customer reach is pivotal. Enter dot.iGaming’s Agent Cube, a pioneering agent management system designed to help you effortlessly bridge the gap between the online and offline gaming worlds. Predominantly utilized in regions like Asia, where reliable internet and standard online banking services are less accessible, the Agent Cube is your ticket to unlock a reservoir of untapped opportunities.


The Agent’s Console: Control and Convenience
Your agents get a user-friendly console that allows them to set up and manage players. Within this system, agents can oversee balance management, track players’ gaming history, and much more. It’s not just about equipping agents to recruit players; it’s about giving them the tools to manage those players effectively, fostering a lasting relationship.


Data Accessibility: Balance and Boundaries
In today’s data-driven age, access to real-time insights is vital for quick decision-making. The Agent Cube provides limited access to important data metrics, ensuring that while agents can make informed decisions, full control still rests with your casino operation. This limited yet insightful data access strikes the perfect balance between control and freedom, a feature especially designed for robust player and transaction management.


Not Just an Affiliate: An Extended Arm of Your Business
While affiliates focus on online player acquisition, agents delve into the untapped market of offline players, thus serving as an extended arm of your business. The Agent Cube integrates seamlessly with your existing setup, creating a symbiotic relationship between your online operations and offline player recruitment via agents.


Flexibility: Customize to Suit Your Needs
Markets differ, and so do strategies. The Agent Cube is incredibly adaptable, allowing you to customize agent permissions, player management settings, and even fine-tune data accessibility according to specific market needs.


Ensured Compliance: A Safe Ecosystem
Like all of our Cube systems, the Agent Cube is developed with the highest standards of security and compliance in mind. You can be assured of a safe and controlled environment for both the agents and the players.


Elevate your iGaming venture with the Agent Cube and bring the complete gaming experience to both online and offline worlds. With dot.iGaming’s Agent Cube, you’re not just staying ahead of the curve; you’re defining it.



Unparalleled Offline Expansion

Learn how the Agent Cube can help you penetrate markets that are challenging to reach through online means alone.

Balanced Data Accessibility

Discover the robust security features that allow controlled data access for agents, ensuring operational integrity while enabling informed decision-making.

Adaptable and Flexible

Explore the customizability of the Agent Cube to suit your specific market demands, from agent permissions to player management.