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dot.iGaming: The Future of iGaming Starts Here


Central to our offering is a state-of-the-art iGaming platform, curated and perfected with precision and cutting-edge technology. But our achievements didn't stop there. Armed with our very own coveted license, we ventured into delivering comprehensive B2B services, setting new benchmarks and exceeding them every step of the way.

dot.iGaming's product suite is a masterclass in technical brilliance and user-centric design. We provide an array of Software Solutions that include a meticulously designed platform, visually stunning and responsive front-end products, and versatile APPs compatible across iOS, Android, and PWA platforms. But our prowess isn't just limited to products. Recognizing the complexities and challenges businesses face, we also offer bespoke consultancy services tailored to the ever-evolving needs of the iGaming industry.

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dot.iGaming: Pioneering Excellence in the iGaming Industry

In the dynamic world of iGaming, few names resonate with as much expertise and innovation as dot.iGaming. Born out of entrepreneurial vision and passion, this private entity took shape in 2016 in the picturesque city of Groningen, Netherlands. Founded by two visionary Dutch entrepreneurs, dot.iGaming stands as a testament to over two decades of their unparalleled business acumen and foresight. The journey began much earlier in 2012 when our founders recognized the burgeoning potential within the iGaming industry. They ventured into this vibrant sector, collaborating with industry giants and multinationals. These alliances, coupled with a relentless commitment to excellence, paved the way for what dot.iGaming represents today—a beacon of innovation and expertise.

About Us

"Empowering your future in iGaming with an innovative platform, dedicated support,
and a global vision"

About Us

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Client Experiences: dot.iGaming's Blueprint for Success

The Roadmap to Your iGaming Success

Set forth on a path from conception to completion.
Discover our trio of steps that guarantee visible progress every step of the way.


Visionary Blueprinting

Powered by your dreams, we delve deep. Express your aims, and our adept minds will curate a bespoke strategy, transforming your iGaming visions into tangible success. Let's collaboratively forge an unparalleled brand.


Tech-Driven Creation

Harnessing cutting-edge innovations, our seasoned professionals will engineer a riveting iGaming journey. Anticipate unparalleled precision, breakthrough ideas, and exceptional craftsmanship in every segment.


Elevate & Expand

Make a splash in the iGaming market with unmatched precision and style. Rest assured, our partnership goes the inaugural launch, guaranteeing enduring assistance to foster and fine-tune your platform's trajectory.


Connect with dot.iGaming Experts

At the heart of our successes are our people. The dot.iGaming family is a blend of industry stalwarts specializing in both B2B and B2C arenas, as well as a cadre of talented developers whose innovations fuel our growth. Every breakthrough, every accolade, is backed by an extraordinary office team that ensures we deliver on our promises, consistently.

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