Unlock Seamless iGaming Management with the
Operations Cube: Your All-in-One Command Center

Operating a dynamic and multifaceted iGaming business demands agility, efficiency, and a toolset that can keep up. Meet the Operations Cube, your ultimate command center for comprehensive business management.


Comprehensive Back Office Management
The Operations Cube acts as the brain of your business operations. With a streamlined interface, you get full control over Back Office settings, allowing you to oversee every aspect from user account management to assigning rights. Essentially, it empowers your team to work in the most effective and productive way.


Flexible Front-End Customization
The look and feel of your website are pivotal for attracting and retaining users. The Operations Cube comes equipped with a robust Content Management System (CMS). Change banners, images, and text with just a few clicks. Keep your brand’s look fresh and engaging without requiring a dedicated IT team.


Geo-Targeting and Access Control
In a global marketplace, it’s vital to align your services with local regulations and preferences. With the Operations Cube, you can include or exclude specific countries and IP addresses from accessing your platform. This allows you to operate legally and ethically while maximizing your reach.


Language and Currency Adaptability
Cater to a global audience by offering multiple language and currency options. The Operations Cube provides full management of languages and currencies, making it easier than ever to localize your services and connect with diverse markets.


Automated User Engagement
Boost customer retention and engagement by leveraging automated pop-ups. These can be customized and changed on-the-fly, allowing you to deploy real-time marketing strategies that resonate with your audience.


The Foundation of Success
In the fast-paced world of iGaming, the Operations Cube serves as the bedrock upon which you can build a sustainable and successful business. By offering an exhaustive list of management and customization tools, it ensures you have the power to adapt, scale, and excel.



One-Click Flexibility

The Operations Cube offers an intuitive interface that allows you to swiftly customize front-end elements. Keep your website vibrant and relevant effortlessly.

Global Reach, Local Touch

Effortlessly manage access by region and localize your services. From languages to currencies, the Operations Cube makes international scaling a breeze.

Operational Excellence

Elevate team productivity and operational efficiency with comprehensive back-end management tools. Run your iGaming business seamlessly, thanks to the Operations Cube.